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  • Why should I buy local flowers?
    When you buy local flowers, you know they will be fresh, seasonal, and harvested at their peak for the best vase life. The fresher the flower, the longer they last. You’ll also know where the flowers came from and how they were grown. Buying local is better for the environment as the flowers are grown near you instead of flying from around the world, creating a smaller carbon footprint. Supporting local flower farms also helps the pollinator populations in your area. When you buy a bouquet from a local flower farmer, you’ll support a business in your community and create a connection with your farmer and their flowers.
  • What are sustainably grown flowers?
    Sustainably grown flowers are fresh-cut blooms that are not treated with pesticides and are found, produced, and sold locally. These flowers are not sprayed with toxic chemicals or flown from far-off places. We believe that growing flowers sustainably is essential for the health of our planet and embrace these growing practices.
  • What is a micro flower farm?
    Micro farming is small-scale, high-yield, sustainably-minded agriculture. Typically, these farms are in urban or suburban areas, and labor is conducted by hand instead of using heavy machinery. Micro farms generally are under 5 acres. For example, our farm in Kingston, NY is just under half an acre, and our primary cutting garden is approximately 1400 square feet. High-intensity growing methods allow us to get the most flowers in our small space.
  • How can I purchase your flowers?
    We aim to have bouquets available weekly during the growing season. We offer several flower subscriptions as well as individual bouquets. Please contact us via email or our social media accounts to sign up for a subscription or pre-order a bouquet. Because our farm is also our home, we prefer to schedule pick-up times with our customers rather than have open hours. I appreciate your understanding.
  • Do you offer educational events and workshops?
    We would like to offer workshops and events in the near future. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to be the first to know when registration for these events opens.
  • Do you provide flowers for weddings and large events?
    Currently, we do not provide flowers for weddings and large events. Being a micro flower farm, we have limits on our growing space and flower production. Therefore we cannot guarantee the large quantities of flowers typically needed for these events. However, if you are looking for flowers for a small event, please feel free to contact us, and we can work with you to see if our farm would be a good fit for your event.
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