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Hi, my name is Dawn, and I’m the grower behind your Whistling Bee bouquet!

I’ve worn many hats over the years: wife, mother, animal caretaker, author, illustrator, and gardener, to name a few. But, several years ago, what started as a gardening hobby, grew into a passion that I couldn’t ignore. So, here I am now, diving headfirst into flower farming!


Ever since I was a little kid growing up in rural Vermont, I wanted to own a farm. Our elderly neighbor, Floyd, used to indulge me by allowing me to romp through his farm hay fields and rolling hills. It was magical. Then our beautiful life happened, and I have yet to achieve the dream of owning acres of land. However, when I learned about micro-farming, I decided that perhaps it wasn’t too late to follow my dream of being a farmer.

I’ve always had a fondness for flowers, not only for their beauty but also for how they bring happiness to others. So it seemed like a good fit, and I decided to start this adventure of spreading kindness through flowers. I dreamed of creating a place where we nurtured plants, the earth, and others. A place where the bees are so happy they whistle while they work. And thus, Whistling Bee Farm & Florals was planted.

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Whistling Bee Farm is a micro flower farm specializing in sustainably grown specialty cut flowers nestled in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York. We are a small, family-run flower farm dedicated to the local flower movement and growing beauty sustainably.

We care about kindness—both to the environment and to others. We are committed to growing our flowers alongside nature and not against it. Whistling Bee Farm strives to grow in tune with the seasons, providing bouquets of seasonal flowers grown on our farm at the time of your purchase. We are also committed to using natural methods to grow our plants, which means no toxic pesticides or herbicides are used on our farm.

At Whistling Bee Farm, we aim to bring kindness to the world through our flowers. We hope to inspire and uplift people with every bouquet. We wanted to create a place that not only nurtures plants but also nurtures people. To reach that goal, we donate a portion of our flower harvest each season to be distributed to senior homes, food pantries, residential centers, and shelters.



We are Pollinator Steward Certified & proud members of the ASCFG

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When we started Whistling Bee Farm in 2022, we had several goals we hoped to accomplish. First, we wanted to provide fresh, sustainably grown flowers to our community while being ecologically responsible. Secondly, we aimed to support our local pollinator and wildlife populations by creating habitats for them to thrive. And lastly, we wanted to spread kindness through flowers by donating a portion of each season’s harvest to those in need.


And it was within these dreams that Whistling Bee Farm was planted. We are proud of our story and would love to

have you be a part of it.

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