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Would you like Whistling Bee Farm flowers all season long? Then the Blooming Bee Bundle is for you! We’ve bundled all three CSA subscriptions (Spring, Berries & Blooms, and Late Summer/Fall) into a discounted subscription offer. With the bundle, you get ten weeks of bouquets and three weeks of our homegrown Whistling Bee blueberries!


What could be better than a season of farm-fresh blooms at a discounted price? To our loyal floral club fans, this one’s for you!

Please read the details below before purchasing.

Estimated Start Date: Mid to Late April


includes tax

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We offer a limited number of Blooming Bee Bundle Shares, where you receive all three of our CSA subscriptions (Spring, Berries & Blooms, and Late Summer/Fall). This bundle includes ten weeks of bountiful flower bouquets and three weeks of homegrown Whistling Bee blueberries. These bouquets are filled with our best flowers of the season! When you subscribe to a share, we set aside a portion of our harvest, especially for you!

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a definitive start date as Mother Nature will decide when the flowers are ready to bloom. However, we give estimates of when the share will start. We will contact subscribers as soon as we have a start date. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we wait patiently for the flowers to bloom.

Speaking of Mother Nature’s unpredictability, we must mention that some seasons are more difficult than others with factors outside our control (such as drought, disease, or pests). We do our best to mitigate these factors and provide the highest quality products possible. However, there may be times when we need to offer alternatives for crop failure. Finally, I want to mention that this is my second season offering flower shares, and I’m still learning. I sincerely appreciate your support and understanding while I navigate this new and exciting way to share our flowers.

Our flowers and berries are sustainably grown without toxic chemicals and lovingly planted, harvested, and arranged by our hands directly into yours. Once subscriptions start, share pickup will be on Thursdays at our farm. Due to the perishable nature of flowers and fruit, we ask that subscribers commit to picking up their bouquets on the designated dates and times. We regrettably cannot offer refunds or extra blooms if a bouquet pickup is missed; these bouquets will be donated to local institutions in our community. I appreciate your understanding.


Please get in touch with us if you’d like to purchase a flower subscription and ensure you get the best flowers of the season!

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